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Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets

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Gaby is an amateur celebrity blogger, desperate to ditch her dead-end job for the exciting world of celebrity gossip. To prove she has what it takes, Gaby sets out to compete against the reigning gossip king to win an exclusive interview with the world-famous actor Erik Von Hunk. From rock star weddings to steamy love triangles, the juicier the story, the more readers you attract to your blog in Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets.

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Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets Game

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- Unique gameplay
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Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets game is distributed on a shareware basis. You can register your copy of the game at a cost of $10.99 (USD). On payment approval, we will send you the registration key that will remove all the limitations. Your registration will be valid for all future versions. Get Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets Registration Key (Full Version)

Player Reviews and Comments

Fun game and like somebody else said, light and not dark-themed. Just all around good fun. You are given where's waldo type pics of crowds and various different photographs of people in the crowd. You must locate them. Sometimes you are only given a silhouette or a shot of the person that differs slightly from the actual pose you see them in. Sometimes you see only their face, sometimes it mentions what they are carrying, etc. Can take a while to find some of them. You also get to look for the main character and one of her friends for bonus points. There are other hidden things in the levels to look for too. The mini games are pretty fun - not your standard junk for the most part. Everything is themed in an original way. You basically hunt down celebrities to spy on them - yes, you're the paparazzi. Altogether, a well-done great game and highly recommended.

27th July, 2010,

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