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Shopping Blocks

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Help Susan build her budding business in a variety of unique locations around the city! Stock your shelves with the latest in fashionable goods. Pick out vivid wallpaper, exotic rugs, and other decorative enhancements to increase your reputation. Improve the mood of your customers with televisions, potted plants, and more! It's all up to you in this remarkable shopping simulation. Open the doors to your very own world of fun with Shopping Blocks today!

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Shopping Blocks Game

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Player Reviews and Comments

Good game concept but graphics, controls and lack of selection (especially for store decor) is lacking. You basically are designing the layout of a store, you get to choose different types of racks, displays, decor to put in your store and then you let the customers in. It seems like they always flock to one display in particular and overcrowd it, no matter how many various displays you put in. I guess it could be the customer type, I hadn't really thought of that until I read another review here. It is awkward to drop something once you pick it up, it is also awkward to rotate items. Both have buttons off to the side you must utilize. Once placed, if you want to move an object, it's the same thing. The store decor is severely lacking - you end up putting a window or picture on every ounce of wall space just to satisfy the requirements rather than have any real strategy into their input. Again, it is a cool concept and was semi enjoyable - but it seems like there are too many things that, if executed better, could have made this game a real winner but seems to fall short. Also, the shop (compared to the size of the lot size) is rather small - would have been nice to see this game closer up or have more of the currently underutilized ground to work with).

21st August, 2010,

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