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Stand O' Food 2

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Fast food antics are the name of the game in Stand o' Food 2! Race to assemble burgers before your customers grow impatient and leave. Add condiments to make the tastiest sandwiches possible! Jump from location to location, upgrading your stand equipment to automate the toughest tasks and maxing out your jukebox so it plays the coolest tunes around. If you work hard and increase your skills, you'll fill your store with trophies galore. Are you ready to earn your bragging rights as the quickest burger jockey in town? Then you are ready for Stand o' Food 2!

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Stand O' Food 2 Game

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Player Reviews and Comments

This is a pretty challenging but very fun TM game.

You are a cook hired to prepare food for the masses. Thankfully, you don't have to click the customers to take their order, ring them up or even take their money. The way this game works is like a nonstop assembly line of customers come in. Your food is already laid out on stopped conveyor belts. What you have to do is assemble their orders in the order it is presented to you. For example, to make a burger, you need a bun top, burger and a bun bottom. Well if your burgers are all blocked in the back, you're going to have trouble. The game works in tiers - each tier is a different restaurant serving different products. Depending on where you are working, your orders can be several layers (like 6 for lasagna) or 3-4 for burgers. When you first start playing this game, expect to be totally lost the first time you mess up. You will be wondering where the garbage can is. There is none! That's the challenge of the game, you have to take things off the belts in a way that doesn't leave yourself scrapped into a corner. You have a limited number of side tables you can put stuff down on but that only helps just so much. After you play a few levels, you will start to get the catch of how to get yourself out of messes. Then the fun really begins. This is a very unique game, graphics are good, gameplay actually is fun even though can be quite challenging at times. I actually found myself cracking up at some of the more complex orders. "Are you kidding me?!?!" LOL - great game. Another one to add to my August purchase list Smile

1st August, 2010,

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